Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Movie Review: Invictus

I remember the first poem I volunteered to read in front of people was by William Ernest Henley. I was enrolled in Speechpower then and our mentor asked who wanted to read the poem Invictus. It was a no brainer for me then. I thought that poem represented me in so many ways and I wanted to be the one to read it out loud on one of our class "performances". I remember that day so well... much like I remember that beautiful poem.

...I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

When I heard about the movie Invictus, I immediately wanted to watch it. The title was calling out to me, I didn't even bother asking what the movie was about. To make it short, I got hold of the film and watched it over the weekend.

The plot is simple: It was the story of the South African World Cup win back in '95. It tells of how their President, Nelson Mandela inspired the African team. I guess you can say, it is a historic-slash-political flick. But to be truly honest, I think it's much more than that. Indeed it is rich in history and full of fascinating facts but it was also filled with heart and was incredibly heart-warming.

The integration of the poem by Henley also added to the whimsical appeal of the film. I feel so much more attached to the poem now more than ever because I saw its very essence come to life in the movie. The poem was interpreted so beautifully and the story told masterfully that the entire film makes me feel happy. I mean, often literary pieces that turns into movies gets lost in translation but this one's an exception. Believe me when I say it was incredible.

Morgan Freeman also did a fabulous job as Nelson Mandela. He was so believable! Matt Damon was equally amazing too! This is the first time I saw him with new eyes. He was so fresh and natural in the film that he looked like he was just a budding actor. He wasn't overacting and he was so believable! Those boys deserve acting awards for this film I'm telling you!

The soundtrack was equally amazing too! The songs they picked were so appropriate and moving! I am actually now in the process of downloading the tracks. lol! :) This film definitely is a keeper. It's one of those flicks that converts you. In this case, it has convinced me that the person I should be voting for this election is Nelson Mandela. Kidding! But someone like him would really be great for our country! Watch the film and I'm sure you'll agree :)

Invictus opens in Manila on February 17 so you all know where you should be on that date okay? :)

PK rating: 10/10!

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