Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orange you glad you sanitized?

The first time I saw someone put alcohol in a spray bottle, I found it really amusing. I thought it was a funky idea co'z it made it a little bit more "posh". Well, apparently I wasn't the only one amused by it co'z on my next trip to the grocery, I found spray bottles of alcohol! (sorry can't remember the brand) ...but that's not what I am so excited to tell you about! I'm here to share with you the funkiest hand sanitizer spray I found in a recent "mini mart" trip:

Ta-dah! Introducing, MWAH! Hand Sanitizer spray in Orange Juice scent! I'm telling you, when I saw this little baby, my eyes grew wide in glee! I was so excited! Well, well, well, this baby didn't disappoint! It smells soooooo good! It doesn't kid when it says it has orange juice scent. It really does smell like orange juice!

I am so in love with it, especially since I like the smell of oranges and this one takes me back to my elementary days sipping Zesto Orange. lol!

I showed my cousin this the moment I got it and she says there are other variants. She claims her classmate uses one in Melon scent. Oooooh! I would love to get a hold of that too! SRSLY, I think I've found my perfect disinfecting tool right here! woot, woot! :)

Wallet damage: 48php at 7/11 (I think this is cheaper at some other store)

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