Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yoghurt love ♥

I am a big yoghurt fan. I grew up on yoghurt and yoghurt drinks that we hardly run out of yakult, chamito or nestle yoghurt in our fridge. Not only does it do wonders for my digestive system, I also really like the sweet and sour taste of yoghurt.

Well, after a long and tiring day at an event in Tarlac, me and friends decided to binge eat at White Hat-- and binge eat I did! Yum-o!

White Hat offers yummy frozen yoghurt. You can add toppings from fruits, cereals, nuts, chocolates, or whatever your heart desires! (and also whatever is available. lol!)

I love it so much it's like eating a sour sundae which to me tastes heavenly!

Here are the ones we ordered:

"Fun" hat: oreo, marshmallows and almond strussel

A chocoholic's take: choco puffs, chocolate chips and brownies

Baker's Hat! My favoriteeeee! Blueberries, cheesecake bits, and almond strussel

Strawberry Cheesecake version: strawberry jam, cheesecake bits, almonds

Yummy! My friends didn't get to finish theirs and I ended up wiping their cups clean! Lol! :P I guess you can say loving the taste of yoghurt is acquired. It's not for all but as the adjective implies, it's "acquired", it just takes getting used to and I'm sure you'll love it too! (Just think of it like coffeee when we were young, we hated it but now we're avid fans! same goes for tea too!)

How about you girls? Do you like the taste of yoghurt? What's your favorite frozen yoghurt store?

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