Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Johnson's!

I was pleasantly surprised when a package arrived for me yesterday:

Here's the note at the back:

Wohooo! Exciting! So what did it contain? A set of six Johnson's lotion samples!

The bottles are so adorable! I absolutely love the packaging. It's also perfect to bring around everywhere co'z it's just as big as my index finger! See? So cute!

This freebie is actually part of Johnson's promo to "share the gift of soft skin". It was S who sent me the link via email and at first I didn't really believe how easy it was to receive a package. But lo and behold, it's true!

Thanks a lot Johnson's!

So I'm passing on the Christmas cheer and leaving here the link to the site. This promo is too good to keep secret ;)

click here: enjoy!

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