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PK correspondent Trixie, signing in!

Hello PK readers! It's really a great pleasure to be PK's blogger correspondent, and I hope I'd do more entries here. *wink wink, hint hint*

A small introduction about me: I'm Trixie Cabilan, a struggling (harhar) college senior taking up Philippine Arts. No, don't call me 'Ate'; it's fine. The girls and I were schoolmates and orgmates in college and like them, I've been a blogger for quite some time already. I've maintained a couple of blogs but right now, I'm into photo and micro-blogging. :)

On with the entry, which was actually overdue. Haha...


I was ecstatic when PK sent me an invitation from Bo's Coffee. Because I was already on sem break, I agreed to grace the invitation and instantly thought of bringing my sister along since we haven't bonded that much since school started this year (and because she's on sem break too). I'm not much of a coffee drinker (the only delicious coffee I know is the instant coffee mix) and never really hung out in coffee shops (because I'm kuripot like that), but we both love to eat and take photos of what we eat. Haha!

On a personal note, I'm happy that another local coffee company has entered the mainstream coffee industry. The shop name might not ring a bell, but Bo's Coffee has already gained a loyal following and is not really that new in the Philippine coffee scene. Named after the owner's Italian friend, Bo's started their very first business venture in Cebu 13 years ago. From then on, the company has grown and established 40 branches all over the country--majority of which are stationed in NCR.

Dearest sister, plus her friend, and I went to the newly-opened 40th branch of Bo's Coffee in Glorietta 5. It definitely looks like any other coffee shop from the outside but after what happened that day, I became a convert. This article is longer than you'd normally read from PK, so I suggest you prepare yourself for picspams and lots of kwento.

(Can you see that wall décor of triangles/diamonds on the bottom left photo? They're actually made from coffee beans!)

First, the interiors. Definitely very cozy (loooove the curtain—very very homey), but they could put in some more couches or seats though. The shop has free wi-fi, and everything inside are locally-made: the couches are shipped from Cebu; wall décors are handmade by Cebuano artists; wall photos are taken by the owner himself. I was blown away when the marketing manager told us that the ambient lights are designed by THE Kenneth Cobunpue, world-renowned furniture and interior designer. As an art student, I was grateful that this company actually supports local artists.

Okay dearies, on with the food adventure. To start, they served us this veryyyyy sinful (there-goes-my-diet) dessert sampler. And because it's a sampler, the size of each food is reduced (Haha whatever that means).

* Oatmeal cookies (40php per piece): Think Quaker Oats oatmeal cookies, except that Bo's version is larger and a lot more chewy: actual size is 5-7 times larger than the size in this photo/sampler. :)

* Choco Chunk and Fudgynut cookies (35php per piece): They taste great, really chewy, and not overpoweringly sweet (compared to others), which earns them two thumbs up from us.

TRUFFLE CAKE (100php per slice): Personal favorite! Just seeing my spoon sinking into this is pure bliss. Haha. The taste: very sweet, chocolatey, and it literally melted in my mouth. Bo's Truffle Cake is the epitome of decadence. Not recommended for the weight-conscious peeps though. :-P Just kidding. A bit pricey, but worth every centavo and calorie.

REVEL BAR (55php per piece): Typical looking brownie, but a lot more chewy and tastier than the others.

CARROT BAR (60php per piece): My sister's friend was very partial to this one because he loves carrots. I never got to try this one, but my sister and her friend said that it was really really good.

MALLOW FUDGE (50php per piece): This was the first thing I tried from the sampler. I absolutely love the mallows on top, and I know you will too when you've tried this. The brownie itself is not too sweet, for I hate oversweetened brownies (like those bought in bakeshops). And as I type this in, I'm suddenly craving for one. Woo!

Bo's Coffee is also finding ways to cater to the weight- and/or health-conscious customers, thus they came up with a line of sugar-free drinks. Heaven knows how I love strawberries, so you'd probably imagine my excitement when they handed these Strawberry Sugar-Free blends samplers to us. It literally tasted like melted ice cream, minus the guilt.

Next: pasta dishes. The G5 branch serves 4 pasta dishes ("made from the freshest ingredients and not from the pack/can", they assured us), and we got to try 3 of them. Sana they'd have Pesto as well. ;)

My sister got Pasta Carrietere, which consists of chicken and tomato. Mine's Pasta Bolognese, and my sister's friend had Carbonara, which is the only non-tomato based pasta. The other one's Pasta Pomodoro, which costs the same as the Bolognese. If you're a fan of Italian-style pasta like myself, you will definitely enjoy their dishes. The Carbonara, on the other hand, didn't fail us as well because it is not as nakakaumay and "milky" as you'd imagine it. Serving size-wise, it's not bitin; in fact, nabusog ako kaagad.

If you're not a fan of desserts or pasta and you'd opt for a healthier meal, their sandwiches are a must-try. They serve 3 kinds that can be light lunches, because each sandwich serving is pretty hefty.

Of course, Bo's Coffee would not be a coffee shop without the brewed and blended coffees. To cap off everything, I tried the Caramel Blended Drink which is really tasty and not nakakaumay yung tamis unlike other caramel-based drinks. I was also surprised with the amount of whipped cream present in their blended drinks, and this looks like good news for the health-conscious folks. I think this is also good because it doesn't mask the "real" flavor of the drink.

Bo's Coffee also serves tea, and they have a wide variety of choices—from the regular English and green teas, to ginger tea and some weird-sounding names like Gunpowder Tea (Before you freak out, I assure you that it's not made from real gunpowder). My sister's friend chose Orange Tea; he even managed to have 3 rounds of the same drink because he liked the taste very much.

(Bottled water on your left; tumbler on the right. They look cool, don't they?)

We were also very fortunate to take home and be one of the firsts to own the Bo's Coffee tumblers and nifty bottled waters.

(The look on my face is epic!)

I love my tumbler so much that I always have it beside me when I sleep!

Just kidding. :-P

They have lots in store for the customers this year as they're going to launch their tumblers and other coffee products. If you're curious, visit a branch near you. ;-)

We have yet to try other coffee shops (Harhar. I forgot how Starbucks food tastes like. It's been years kasi. Okay, kill me now), but so far Bo's Coffee haven't failed us in terms of food, place, and price.

I don't know about you, but with the ambience, food, and a very friendly crew, my sister and I are definitely going back for more.

** So that has been PK correspondent Trixie! Thank you Trix! Hope you enjoyed your stint as a certified PK girl! Much love from us! **

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