Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie Review: My Life in Ruins

I am a big sucker for chick flicks. I had an "addiction" phase when I would go on chick flick marathons. The thing with chick flicks is that when you watch one, you suddenly get the urge to watch another... then another.... and yet another. It's just so addicting!-- and it's not because of the plot. I think it's more of the experience; that mushy feeling you get when watching sappy romantic films. Well, here goes the second installment of my chick flick weekend: My Life in Ruins.

Honestly, I did not expect much from the film-- err, well just a little co'z my good friend told me she even liked it more than 500 days of Summer. But the poster just didn't excite me at all:

I was expecting a romantic comedy, nothing deep, nothing out of the ordinary so boy was I pleasantly surprised to find myself loving the film!

The plot is simple really. It's the story about a tour of Greece as told from the eyes of the star, Georgia. Georgia doesn't like her job, thinks the tourists are stupid and just doesn't get the laidback Greek Life. But on this particular tour, her life changes as she meets different people with different backgrounds and from whom she learns a lot.

See how the plot can be so unremarkable? But boy oh boy don't be fooled! It isn't as shallow as you would expect! I think it's the script. It was well done and thought-provoking. It was simple but really deep! I find myself getting so into the movie that I feel like crying in some parts and getting those weird butterflies in my heart again (lol!)

I really can't say much about the film co'z the story doesn't give it justice! I say you have to watch it to fully appreciate everything! It's so simple and beautiful you'd want to watch it over and over. This one definitely goes in my list of good chick flicks ;)

PK rating: 9/10

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