Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are you ready for your 2010 plans?

So, have you already chosen which famous planner you'd like to get for yourself, your friends, and loved one/s this Christmas? Well, here's a quick glimpse of the following planners we'll do 'reviews' on.

A little discussion on the side, though (but still about planners, of course;) )...if you're the type who hates notebook planners or if you're super OC that you want a desk planner aside from your notebook planner (both of which you religiously update) then look at what I found in the ever visible National Bookstore! Yup, I found really cute and funkily designed desk planners that are oh-so-affordable! I used to look at desk planners, when I was younger, but the ones with the doggie designs or must-see-places-in-Rome designs have been rather expensive. I'm excited to use this because

1. it offers easier writing (especially when I'm in a hurry)
2. it gives you a better view of your week and month with just one page
3. the boxes are still big enough to write lots of stuff on
4. I get to have a new calendar layout every month!

Excited much? Check back to see if the posts on the planners are up and readable already, ayt? Ayt! ;)

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