Friday, November 20, 2009

Starbucks Planner 2010

It's kinda crazy because I don't use planners all that much anymore but I still tried my best to get an SB planner. I guess I only collected the stickers and tried to get a free planner from Starbucks because it has become a tradition for me. Last year when I initially saw the 2009 planner, I felt a bit disappointed with it because `09 planner and I, we weren't made for each other. Although I loved 09's appearance, our hearts and minds didn't click. He had style but he had no substance! But oddly enough, I say the opposite to the 2010 Starbucks planner.

Alright, at first it was also a bit hard to accept that he's no longer my fine choco-err..-coffee man, he's now black and white! okay, maybe he's SB's tribute to MJ but..*sigh* At least with oh-nine, we were given options regarding color - black, blue and red.

This year, it's the same monochromatic scheme. The only thing that differs is..come on, look harder...the images used for the cover. Also, I'm kinda doubting he'd remain b n' w for a long time..especially since the usual collectors of these planners are coffee enthusiasts... who love to drink their coffee ALL THE TIME...who'd probably spill some of their beloved coffee one time or the other on their precious planners. Yikes for the 2010's new texture. tsktsk.

One of the three available designs

What I love about 10 though, is SUBSTANCE. I love how no fuzz his layout is. I love that they didn't opt to allot lots of pages for silly stuff after the month's border..

2010 starts with Dec.2009 and ends with Jan 2011

I love how 10 allows me to doodle on him wherever I want to. I'm not constricted with boxes for "Most Important Tasks" or "Accomplish this"..10 just shows how much he is for my expression of my creative side! He'd rather see me use big red permanent markers for my most important task for the day and use sequins to do a border.

Also, he's so thoughtful that he secretly left me a stash of coupons I could claim from any Starbucks branch for certain periods within 2010. Lastly, he made an effort and assured that I wouldn't have a hard time looking for the page I'm in by attaching a page marker with a faux coffee bean attached to it. *swoon*

Beancurd (Bean and freebee card)

Well, are you hooked or what? Ain't he the sweetest? :p


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