Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Movie Review: 500 days of Summer

At first I thought it was just a hype Hollywood caused. 500 Days of Summer-- the film that most of friends have been quoting nonstop lately. But hey, when there's smoke, it only means one thing: fire. And I tell you, 500 Days of Summer is blazing hot!

I didn't really know what to expect about the film-- except that it's supposed to be good. Story-wise the short description confused me. Quoting the first few lines from the narrator:

This is the story of boy meets girl.
But before they do,
you should know up front-- this is not a love story.

Err? Whut? Haha, wonderful hook! Definitely made me feel excited to see what it's really about! Well, WHAT IS IT REALLY ABOUT?

To your delight/disappointment, it IS a love story-- but a different kind I say. For one, instead of the girl believing in fate and destiny, it's the boy who's a lot more superficial. The girl is... shall we say, more grounded on reality. But it doesn't mean she's stiff/serious. She's actually a little loony (think: My Sassy Girl crazy).

So the boy falls in love with the girl... but the girl doesn't. Ouch right? But that's what makes the film good! For once, we get insight about the "other side". We're given a chance to take a peak into the mind of a smitten, broken-hearted boy, instead of the usual broken-hearted girl. For once we find a man who's a believer in destiny. We find a rare man who I personally thought only exists in fantasy-- someone who believes in "the one"; someone who thinks "fate/destiny" exists; most importantly... someone mushy enough to admit he is head over heels in love. ♥_♥

Hooked already? Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg! The entire movie is so beautifully written that I'm sure you will find a lot of quotable quotes from it that would really make you sigh loudly. The worst/best part is, nothing's cheesy at all--everything hits the spot. Gaaaah.

In my opinion the movie is great because doesn't have that mainstream feel to it. I am reminded of Cinemalaya films where the script is great, the plot very original and the acting not over-the-top. The film is so whimsical, every move of the camera and everything it focuses on means something that's left unsaid. That's what I completely love about it! I mean, films shouldn't always explain everything. They don't have to. It's best if there are things left to the imagination; left to fantasy. 500 Days of Summer has this cinematic appeal to it. It's like reading a novel, each scene brings to life a fantasy; a figment of your imagination :)

I can't tell you why I love this film without sounding redundant. The plot is too simple to explain further so instead, let me leave you some of my favorite lines from the movie:

I kinda like what Nietzsche said, "there is always some madness in love, but there is also... always some reason in madness"

I wouldn't say "the girl of my dreams". No. The girl of my dreams would have a better rack. Probably different hair, could like sports a little more. But... truth is... Robyn's better than the girl of my dreams. You know why? Co'z she's real.
- Paul

I know you think she was the perfect girl for you... I don't. I think you're just remembering the good stuff. Next time you look back, I think you should look again.
- Rachel

PK rating: 9/10 (if this was a book, it'd get a perfect ten! I downloaded the script and it's amazing!)

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  1. Hello! I am from brazil and I liked so much of the film and of your text!
    Can you say for me the name of site where you read the script?
    Thank you :D

    1. Hi Walker, here's the link: :)


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