Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A taste of Thailand

S and I have been big fans of Jatujak (pronounced as 'chatuchak') eversince we 'discovered' it in 2007. What is it exactly? It's a Thai restaurant in Mall of Asia offering the best of Thai cuisine!

My recent trip to Bangkok has made me remember the days of gorging on glorious food with S. Tasting the real thing reminded me of days we would (almost) skip class just to eat at MOA (hehe, bad!). But you know, the greatest realization I had in Bangkok while eating authentic Thai cuisine was how CLOSE Jatujak's food here in Manila is to the real deal!

We've been eating there for more than a year already and it is about time we rave about them here at PK!

So what exactly do Jatujak offer? Here's the best we've tasted (so far):

We celebrated our friend's birthday there and with a big group of six, we ordered fish (trying to be healthy and all that. hehe) Well, FISH we got! This one is truly a show stopper!

Crispy pla-pla with chili sauce

Sate Pork php 179.00

Chicken in Pandan leaves php 195.00

And of course you cannot say you've tasted Thai food until you've gotten a bite of their famous Pad Thai! Jatujak actually offers a really tasty and very CLOSE version of the original!

Pad Thai php 145.00

Jatujak is very proud of their Iced Coffee. Well, they should be as Thai coffee tastes wonderful! You have to check out their Milk Tea too! That's actually one of things I think Jatujak got exactly right from tasting Milk Teas in Bangkok. Just be warned that it's very unlike the local Nai Cha from Chowking. Thai Milk Tea is different. Wonderfully different.

Thai Iced Coffee php 65.00

So if you want a taste of authentic Thai cuisine without burning a hole in your pocket, then head out to Jatujak! It'll be worth the trip! I'm also very sure your friends, and your entire family would love it!

SM Mall of Asia
2nd Level unit 237 Entertainment Mall,
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City556-0850

SM Mega Mall
104 Upper Ground Bldg A,
SM Mega Mall637 -1772

SM North Edsa
421 Annex the Block,
SM City North Edsa 442-0354

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