Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Knowledge power!

So okay, maybe the tv show with same title is so last season but really, the meaning of those words hasn't faded with time. Knowledge IS power! So to make you all PK girls much more powerful, we have here two sites that would surely tickle your fancy and undoubtedly add a handful of facts into your beautiful heads!

www.rulesofthumb.org - Click here if you want to find interesting articles about about different things in life! Want to forecast weather? Then just stare at the way ants crawl up your walls. When they travel in a straight line, expect rain but when they scatter, then you're up for some fair weather! Did you also know that if you want your cat NOT to jump up your lap, then don't make eye contact with it! Cool, right? --these are just some of the interesting information you can pick up from the site. Click away to know more!

www.damninteresting.com - Visit this site if you want to read interesting articles from the past, present and even predictions of the future! It has origins of things, unsolved mysteries and other fun articles that would surely rouse anyone's curiousness! Want to know the story behind the phrase, "remember, remember, the 22nd of November", then check this site out!

So there you girls! If you're bored and want to do something a little more productive with your time, why not just visit these sites and gain for yourself some very fascinating information? I mean hey, as passe as it may sound, Knowledge IS power!

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