Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let the drinks flow!

Happy anniversary to us, happy anniversary PK girls! We can't believe it has actually been a year! What started out as a mere hobby, turned into something great! We would like to thank you all for the support, we wouldn't be here without you guys. Thank you so much for appreciating what we do and helping us along the way. It wasn't easy, we're such amateurs at this but we're here now, celebrating our first anniversary, so maybe we did something right, right? hihi :P

We're a year older now so we'll try to take things up a notch starting with the site's new layout! We hope you like it! It's more mature, more posh, and I guess more sophisticated but that's really how it is when we get older right? We hope you stick around and "grow" with us! It's a step by step process but we'll try to be there for you all along the way. :)

Here's to more years!
Here's to being a perpetual IT girl!

Happy anniversary to all of us!

p.s. hope you all join the anniversary contest we're having. It'll be fun! We also created some icons for you girls to put in your site. We're adding more stuff to the site soon so just watch out, it'll be an exciting holiday season!

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