Monday, November 3, 2008

Get ready for 2009!

It's not yet the end of 2008 but somehow, something about yearends always make me feel giddy for the next year. Well, well, my giddiness has been escalated to the next level when I remembered that we (S and I) are getting our Belle de Jour 2009 planners this month! Yes girls, the Belle de Jour 2009 planners are ready for release! Yay, yay!

The 2009 edition takes inspiration from the '70s with its groovy get glamorous feel. It also has MORE coupons (60 in fact!) and has bigger spaces for writing your whatnots! :) It still has the usual menstrual and expense trackers, goal/dream page, and all the other great things you love about your BDJs!

The newest addition to the bunch? A Belle de Jour Notebook/notepad that can also store all your coupons so it would be easier to bring these discount cards wherever you go!

It's not yet too late to pre-order your own Belle de Jour 2009 power planners! It'll even make for the perfect Christmas gift for your diva mom or your sassy sister! Visit their site for more information on this :)

Or IF you can wait later or until the new year, the power planners will also be available at the following:
- National Bookstore
- Powerbooks
- The Rockwell Urban Bazaar in November

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