Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh vintage oh!

New trends are sprouting left and right that it's so passe if we tell you that checkereds are making waves right now (hoho, it's so obvious that they are!) so instead, we're giving you our fashion forecast:

Gonna go vintage, baby!

Ruffles, gold accessories, black and whites, creams, silks, pearls and drama, drama, drama!

Let's take inspiration from the queen of drama fashion herself, B!

err, maybe not backless. But you get the point.

Don't think Blair's the only one sporting this 'new' trend. It's starting to send ripples in the fashion scene thanks to winter runway shows in Milan and New York.

So be an it girl! BE the trend. Sport the stuff even before everyone else is wearing them! (nyuck, reminds me of my red checkered top I wore one time only to find about ten more girls wearing almost the same one)

**hey girls! Roughly a week before our anniversary! Hooray! Watch out for exciting stuff from us!

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