Sunday, January 26, 2014

Coats and Jackets 101

Manila's weather has been really bizarre as of late. It's been too cold! The temperature outside is pleasant but inside the office-- well that's another story!

We've been teasing one of our colleagues who brought her trench coat to work cause of the cold  but she defended herself saying it's actually just a wind breaker. Her reply got me thinking. There are so many types of coats out there and I think it's high time we Filipinos got educated on their proper terms so we'd stop referring to everything as mere coats and everything else trench coats.

1. The Trench Coat

The Trench Coat is actually an optional piece of clothing in the British Army. It is a double breasted raincoat with ten buttons. It has since been a staple for every woman's wardrobe and comes in the most flattering colors.

2. Pea coat
Pea coats were originally worn by sailors and navy seals. It is typically a double breasted coat that falls just below the hips. The female version of the pea coat is usually referred to as the Jackie O coat. Personally, I love pea coats because they look so chic.

3. Moto jacket
As its name implies, the moto jacket (motorcycle jacket) is a jacket typically worn by motorcycle riders. It falls right below the waist and most often has a zipper closure.

4. Down jacket
A down jacket is termed as so because it is a jacket filled with soft down feathers of duck or goose. The feathers give the jacket insulation properties which is perfect for extremely chilly weather.

5. Parka
A parka can be a down jacket or raincoat with a hood that is often lined with fur or feather. Having a furry hood is what distinguishes a parka from other coats.

6. Utility jacket
The utility jacket has long emerged from being a frumpy unfashionable jacket. This jacket is characterized as being a light weight waxed cotton jacket. IIt also has front pockets (for utility purposes) and closes with zippers. I personally love utility jackets because they are so comfortable and with the new styles coming out nowadays, they've become very fashionable as well.

7. Wrap coat
A wrap coat is akin to a robe that overlaps and is cinched at the waist with a belt. This is also one of my favorite styles because of how easy it is to use and I like how I can dress it up with a nice belt or down with a big bow depending on my mood.

8. Cape coat

The cape coat is one of my favorite styles ever. Perhaps it is because it lends a sort of medieval feel to any outfit. This however can be very tricky to wear especially for people with full figures because the coat is not structured.

9. Military Coat
Military coats are usually long, right above the knee but modern styles have versions that are shorter. The most identifying characteristic of military coats lies on its buttons. Military coats normally have two sets of brass buttons that run down the front.

10. Windbreaker
A windbreaker can be easily mistaken for a trench coat but what it really is a jacket made of light material. It can be made of synthetic fabric that resists water or a light cotton material with lining, depending on the style. It normally has a hood to protect for the rains.

There you go! Ten most common types of jackets/coats for your information! Even if we live in a tropical country, it is always nice to address items of clothing through their proper names. Here's to having fun this unusually chilly season!

// photo credit: google images. Sorry too many sites to mention.

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