Monday, January 13, 2014

The Little Princess

You know how I have this semi-obsession with the Little Prince. Well, for my first accomplishment this 2014, I decided to redecorate my mom's room (which I have been sleeping in for more than a year now) and make it my own by repainting it and  doing a simple mural.

DIY-ing has always been my thing not just because I am artsy but more of because I am a big cheapskate and if I can do it without having to hire someone else, I'll do it. I bought a gallon of midnight blue paint from the hardware store, some rollers, and paint brushes and voila! My own personal work of art :)

For the other side of my room, I decided to do a calligraphy of my favorite quote-- This too shall pass. I never thought it would be such a challenge! I now have better appreciation for those who do calligraphy on walls cause it is really hard! On paper, it as easy as merely writing in cursive, but on walls, it is challenge all on its own!

I am really pleased at how my (new) room turned out. I keep thinking of other art projects and decor to add. The room is really small but it is so cozy and so pretty I never want to leave it. It has also been very good for my creativity which lately I've been able to showcase more, I think maybe because my new room inspires me.

I can't wait to really be finished with my room. I still have a number of art+furniture projects lined up but I'm pacing myself and targetting that for summer. I am just so pleased at how well this "art project" of mine turned out. What a great way to welcome 2014 indeed :)


  1. wow! you're so good with DIY! I wish I had a creative stroke like you. I tried to repaint my room (I picked the colors; had someone repaint it) and well..let's just say that's a failed project for me!

    1. I think I just got lucky this one time. Lol! Or maybe it's all the practice. I think with DIY, you just have to keep doing little projects to get the hang of it then move on to something big :)


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