Sunday, January 5, 2014


Anyone here watches Sherlock? Can I just say Episode 1 of Season 3 blew me away! I am so happy that Season 3 is back on air!
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This is my favorite show because I am big fan of Sherlock Holmes. I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes and this series, is the closest depiction of Sherlock to what I imagined he was like when I was young.

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See, most American films/shows depict Sherlock to be weird. To be overly-talkative, know-it-all and just overall a weird (funny) guy-- which is very easy to assume for someone who is so smart. But see, Sherlock is not all goofy smart. When I was young, I saw him as my hero. As someone so smart, handsome, well-dressed and basically someone you would admire and respect. And that is how BBC One depicted Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock. They depicted him the way I imagined that guy in my favorite book to be like. I grew up wanting to be like him. Wanting to be that smart, to be that classy, to be that confident-- then suddenly all these movies and tv shows about Sherlock came out and he wasn't how I imagined him to be. I felt angered and betrayed-- that is until, BBCs Sherlock came along :)

I am so in love with this show! This is my childhood fantasy brought to life. I will always be a Sherlock Holmes fan and now that there's this cool show, I could brag about him to anyone who hasn't read the books.

Right now, I watch the series online through, but I hear that AXN will be airing season one starting January 11 so if you're curious about the show, then check it out there next week!

I love you Sherlock! Thank you for making my fantasy real, BBC! :)

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