Friday, February 1, 2013

Just bitten

I'm very picky when it comes to lipstick. I don't wear a lot of make up but I always make sure I have lipstick on. The problem however is that I am allergic to a lot of lipstick brands. My lips would get dry and chapped. In the past I used to think it was just because I wore too much lipstick but I found out that the dryness and chapping was actually a sign of allergy. I know there are a lot of brands that offer hypoallergenic lipstick but the downside is, the colors are always so drab. Good thing my godsister introduced me to Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Tinted Lip BALM which has now officially become my lipstick of choice.

Technically, it's not a lipstick. It's a lip BALM. It even has  this minty cool sensation when you apply it, much like how it is with lip balms. It glides on easily on the lips and doesn't feel heavy you won't think you're wearing lipstick.

My godsister gave me my first Just bitten tube for Christmas (the darkest shade) and I've been addicted since then that I got bought two more shades and gave away some to my friends.
Just Bitten in Crush. The tube itself looks a bit scary co'z it's dark but it's actually a more red-wine kind of shade. I love how rich the color is although my colleagues still tease me for channeling "Ruby" with my red lips.
I'm always partial to barbie pink shades so I got myself a tube of Cherish. It looks so Barbie-pink I just couldn't resist! I just feel like it's a little too pale when applied that it doesn't give me much coverage. It's however a nice shade to use when your outfit is too loud already and you just want a hint of color on your face.
My latest purchase is Lovesick. It's darker than Cherish but still has this Barbie-esque vibe to it. I love it so much!

I am so happy with this product! I still try to keep myself from using it too much because my lips are very sensitive but the incidence of dryness and chapping has been less since I switched to Just Bitten. It just proves that it is more gentle than typical lipsticks on the market.

Thank you so much Revlon! I am so happy with my lippies! :)

**Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm retails for Php575.00

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