Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Double Dose of Bohol: The Food

Aside from the beautiful sights of Bohol, we also got to enjoy the food at Alona Beach. Here is a rundown of the restaurants that we tried:

When we arrived Bohol, it was around 2 PM so we were so hungry but we still got to walk to the farthest part of Alona Beach and reached Isis Bungalows' Thai Restaurant.
Fried Spring Roll, Bagoong Rice,
Sizzling Chicken, and Crispy Calamares

For dinner, we decided to go to Jugali's Bistro. Since we ordered way too much for lunch, we decided to order moderately for dinner. We got pumpkin soup, pork pizzetoria (pizza toppings served over pasta) and mango float (seemed more like a mango ref cake). I would love to return to Jugali's especially for brunch because I've read several good reviews about their sandwiches and coffee.

Woke up early and devoured our complimentary breakfast (loved the crispy bacon and crunchy toast) because day 2 was the day of our tour (read all about it here).

We had lunch at Loboc River's Floating Restaurant Cruise. The food, although served buffet style, was a bit ordinary. The experience, I believe, is what you're paying for.

Tired from our countryside tour, we took a nap at our hotel, woke up a bit late, and hastily went out for dinner. We ended up trying Oasis Resort's restaurant. Service is a bit slow so it was a good thing that we went there still feeling sleepy and full. By the time we got our food, we were ready to feast! Everything we ordered was delicious! So it's a bit sad that some of the waitresses are impolite/ungracious to Filipino tourists (vs. how they are towards foreigners). The waiters, on the other hand, were all super accommodating!
Caesar Salad, Salmon Steak, Chef's Special Crispy Pork Tenderloin
Our third day in Bohol was spent lounging around Alona. We were too lazy to do anything productive and just chillaaaaxed. We ate way past lunch time and dinner time but that doesn't mean that we chose lousy restaurants...of course we had to take advantage of our last whole day in Bohol. For lunch, we ate at Alona Burger.

Italian Sausage with Fries and Cheeseburger with Onion Rings
For dinner, we got food to go at Alona Hidden Dreams because we wanted to catch some shows on the telly. Hahahaha. We ordered grilled chicken and barbeque, which we ate in our room, in front of the TV. I think this was our most affordable meal during our stay. It didn't hurt that the food was also tasty.

Just writing about the food we had is already making me want to book another flight to Bohol! How about you, have you tried these restaurants? What other restaurants did you go to? :)

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