Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Double dose of Bohol: The Sights

A week after my first Bohol trip, I was on my way back to Bohol! :) This time, I was determined to stay healthy and enjoy the Countryside Tour.

On my second visit to Bohol, we blocked our whole 2nd day for the tour. Instead of going for a packaged tour, we decided to rent a car and just pay the entrance fees of the places we would visit.

The first place in our itinerary was the Bohol butterfly garden (PhP 35.00 entrance fee). We stayed there for 20 minutes only but we had tons of pictures and learned a lot about the butterflies.

Our second stop was the Loboc River for the Floating Restaurant Cruise (PhP 350.00 for the eat-all-you-can buffet and PhP 100.00 entrance fee). Since this is one of the must-dos when in Bohol, we decided to go and try it. We didn't enjoy the food that much but we enjoyed the performance of the Loboc Choir. I was expecting to see a group of kids performing but to my surprise, they also had teens and elders in the group.

We passed by (and took pictures at) the man-made forest on our way to the Tarsier Sanctuary. Entrance to the tarsier sanctuary was PhP 60.00 for adults. Even though the tarsiers could no longer be touched, I was still excited to see the tiny primates. When we arrived at the sanctuary, it was drizzling so we had to trek on muddy, man-made stairs to be able to see the tarsiers.
Upon reaching one of the tarsier habitats, a guide eagerly helped us take a close-up picture of the sleeping primate. He also told us to pose near the tarsier so he can take our picture with it.

After the tarsier sanctuary, we headed to the highlight of the trip, the Bohol Chocolate Hills (PhP 50.00 entrance fee). Since I do not regularly exercise, it was a bit of a challenge for me to climb the stairs quickly. Fortunately, I was able to reach the top and take a picture of this magnificent view...

When we went down from the viewing deck, we were quite hungry so we bought sweet corn and ice cream. I'm glad we got something to munch while on our way to our last two destinations, Baclayon Church and the Blood Compact site, because it took us around 45 minutes to get there.

We decided to go in the Baclayon museum (PhP 50.00 entrance fee) and wandered and imagined the original function of the rooms for a few minutes. Afterwards, we headed to the Blood Compact site. We took a few pictures then decided to go to the souvenir shop beside the monument to buy goodies to take home to our relatives.

Content with all the traveling we did for the day, we headed back to our hotel. We ended our second day in Bohol by chillax-ing and having dinner by the beach. :)

TOTAL COST = P3,290 for 2 pax (a bit more expensive than the usual tour packages offered by travel agencies)

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