Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hearts all over the world

This is it! Valentine's Day ♥

I used to have a thing for this day. It's so easy to join the anti-Valentine's movement and be grumpy but I realize it's NOT a day for hating. It's a day for love! For one day in a year, the entire world celebrates love! Now isn't that what we've been wishing for in the first place? Everyone is in good spirits, everyone is happy, love fills the world-- it's like Christmas day all over again :)

It doesn't really matter whether you believe in this occasion or not, what matters is you believe in love-- in the idea of meeting the right one, in falling in love, and in staying in love. Love makes the world go round and it would be sad if people stopped believing in it.

I know people say that this day is not just for couples-- that it is also about love for family, or friends, or pets, generally, others. I'm not saying they're not correct but I think we should stop brushing away the truth that this day is more a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of day. And that's the main reason single people start sulking when this day comes, because it always rubs in the fact that they don't have special someones to share the day with.

I won't tell you it's okay to be alone today because it's not. It's never okay to be alone. We should always want to be with someone. We should always want to keep believing that a time will come we'll find the right person to share this day with. We should never lose faith in love and in finding the right one we'll share our lives with. If there's one thing we should take away from this day, it should be that immense desire to have what other people have. Let's be happy for them but wish hard for that same happiness for ourselves.

Don't worry, one day, all you single people out there will get to share this occasion with someone special. As Swedish House Mafia puts it, "Don't you worry child, see heaven's got a plan for you". *wink!

Happy Valentine's Day my darlings!

Peplum Skirt - Redhead
Black camisole - Paperdolls
Black bolero - bazaar
Black mary janes - Naturalizer

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  1. Love the peplum skirt! =)


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