Thursday, February 7, 2013

A peak into the life of

Being a 20-ish working girl demands a lot. Work is just one aspect of it. Apart from that, you have responsibilities, friends, family, recreational activities, R&R's and so on and so on! It's such a long list! But you know what, I realize being at this age is actually a great thing. I feel at the peak of my life. You can be anything and everything you're ever wanted.
Top- Kamiseta | Blue pants- hand me down | black shoes - Naturalizer | Black bag - Mango | Necklace - Bijoux
Right now, I'm grateful. I'm trying to mold myself into the person I imagined myself to be. I'm slowly finding myself; constantly self-assessing to really embrace who and what I want to become. I'm working hard, studying hard and at the same time, harnessing my talents and learning new skills.

I recently took up Taichi which is just amazing. It's such a beautiful art form, I now understand why it's called martial ARTS. It's like a dance, it's so beautiful to look at and despite the challenge in execution, it's an art I'd very much like to master.
Apart from sports, school and work, I've also been making it a point to take time for my hobbies which includes creating random art works, reading books, eating sweets and watching television.
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My favorite book! I can't make myself read another one because I feel like it will ruin that "thing" I have for 1Q84. When you read something amazing, it's so hard to find another book that would equal or surpass its greatness.
Finally tasted Cukay's red velvet cake! The cake part is amazing but since the icing is not cream cheese, I'm a  bit impartial on this one.
I've also been watching a lot of tv lately which makes me feel more normal and less of a busy body. One of my favorites however has recently been cancelled, which makes me so sad. I leave here one of my favorite songs from the show, Wedding Band:

Truly 2013 is starting out to be such a great year. I feel more alive and excited for the future. I'm embracing everything that I am and reaching out to reach my full potential. It's an exciting state to be in and if you know me, I am the queen of optimism, so at times like these, I become even more hopeful. Oh yes, it's time. I'm owning this year and embracing all it brings with it :)

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