Monday, August 27, 2012

Yummy finds at Purple Oven

Like how it always is with me and work, what was supposed to be a day spent at another agency became "field trip" day for us because our contact, who we were informed was just in a meeting, did not report to work that day. Boo. Such a waste of time especially since we went all the way to Ortigas for that.

Still, like how we always are with disappointments, we decided to drop by Purple Oven instead for some really tasty dark chocolate macadamia cookies!

For those who are not aware, Purple Oven is the pastry shop that supplies the baked goods of Starbucks.
I was just at Starbucks the other day and I can still taste the incredibly good dark chocolate macadamia cookie in my mouth that even if there were so many other baked goods for sale, I zoned in on this one.
The box of eight costs PhP240.00 which means each piece is at PhP40.00. Cheaper than when you get it at Starbucks right?

So happy to have dropped by Purple Oven! Really, there's always a way to turn unfortunate events to something good! Cheers to positivity! :)

For the full menu, click here

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