Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The rain won't last forever

My heart breaks from news of devastation around the Metro. I am grateful that I am safe but my thoughts go out to those who are not so fortunate.

I am doubly worried of the rescuers and all the government employees who are out there working to serve the people. I know the government has flaws but it is during times like these that I feel proud and grateful for their selflessness and sincere concern. The people you see on the streets are the real heroes-- they are the underpaid, overworked and pure hearted people behind our government. 

I hope next time you point a finger at our government in general, you look back on this day and be reminded that majority of the people in government, the staff in particular, are not corrupt and really do have sincere intentions to serve.

For those in the private sector and everyone else who wants to help out during this time, here is a list of evacuation centers in need of volunteers and relief goods: Help the Philippines

If you cannot go out and physically help, don't feel bad. There are so many other ways to help out without leaving your house (besides, you might just become a liability yourself). Disseminating information is one way, Contacting friends and relatives is another and of course, there's always PRAYER. Our experience with Ondoy has taught has what prayer can do.

We are so much stronger than this.
Keep safe everyone!
The rain won't last forever.
Remember, God promised us a rainbow.

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