Monday, August 13, 2012


Time flew by so fast and the 2nd season of my current favorite series on tv, Sherlock, has finally come to a close :(

To sum up the 2nd season of Sherlock in a word, it would be, incredible. INCREDIBLE.

BeTv Asia was kind enough to send us a dvd copy of the first episode of the series (Thank you so much Ms. Tammi!), which also happens to be my favorite Sherlock episode as of date. The season opened with "A Scandal in Belgravia", a twist of the original, A Scandal in Bohemia.

In the episode, Sherlock and John get embroiled in the plans of the dangerous Irene Adler (Played by Lara Pulver) who is a scheming, seductive dominatrix.

I absolutely loved Irene Adler, otherwise known as "the woman"

I know... my being such a romantic has got a lot to do with it but I really enjoyed this episode because it shows another side of Sherlock I haven't seen before.

The other two episodes in the Season are, "The Hound of Baskerville", the most famous Sherlock Holmes story, and the "Reichenbach Fall" where the only solution to the case is Sherlock's own death. Gaaah, so good!

Clearly, I am a fan. I am not exaggerating when I say this but this may be the BEST Sherlock adaptation ever filmed--this coming from someone who grew up reading Sherlock Holmes. The characters are just perfect. If anything, I think the show works exactly because of this-- the uncanny choice of actors along with the desire to bring to life Sherlock's cases in the most authentic manner.

I also like how they have made the story youthful and relevant. The most common mistake other adaptations commit is staging it in the past, thinking it would make it more authentic but they only attract the older crowd. This version is so tastefully done that even if you don't know who Sherlock Holmes is, you would still get hooked on the show.

I can go forever singing praises for Sherlock but I know you get my point. :P

Let me just leave you here a fan-made trailer of my favorite Sherlock episode as of date, A Scandal in Belgravia:


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