Sunday, November 7, 2010

Upside, downside

Was at the mall yesterday and decided to get my favorite frozen yoghurt for merienda. Got my favorite "Baker's Hat" from White Hat and was happily enjoying my cup until I bit into the cheesecake pieces which tasted like stale cheese! Yuck! We immediately alerted the staff about it but they would not believe us, saying that, that was actually how cheesecake should taste like. Uhm? Hello? It's not like it's our first time to eat cheesecake okay? We know how it's supposed to taste like and seriously, it was not supposed to taste like that!

Was incredibly annoyed with the experience. Other stores would have immediately replaced the item. I can't believe how White Hat treat their customers, I didn't expect that coming from them. I mean, it's not like they're small time or something.

We just transferred all the cheesecake bits into another cup. Ugh, that's still 20php down the drain. So unfair! It's not our fault their cheesecake is spoiled right?
This is a lesson for all business establishments. It doesn't matter if your product is really good-- the best even, if your staff isn't accommodating to customers, your business will still suffer. With that said, I don't think I'd be visiting White Hat anytime soon.

On a lighter note, check out my cameo on Friday's Philippine Star:

Thanks for the cameo Pepper! You've been very consistent in featuring us. haha :)

To see what I was wearing click here
Click here to read about the event and here to read up about the collection.

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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