Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just fold and snap! Longchamp Le Pliage and more..

Just wanted to share with you these delightful and 'affordable' designer bags more commonly known as Longchamp. You know how those envirobags are foldable and easy to stash in your other bag? Well they weren't the first of their kind. In 1993, the owners of Longchamp launched the Le Pliage bags (which means fold in French) made of nylon and leather. Almost 2 decades later, its classic style is still taking the world by storm.

Here are some Le Pliages we have amassed unknowingly...

'fresh from the store' folded Le Pliage shopping bag in Black
overused Le Pliage shopping bag in Praline (or is this pink? I can't tell anymore)
overexposed picture of slightly abused Le Pliage shopping bag in Bilberry
So, obviously, we're partial to the long straps and not-too-big-not-too-small frame for our everyday bags. Anyway, the next two bags are part of the Planetes line (if I remember correctly). The Planetes line emulates the style of Le Pliage but the nylon used for the body of the bag is thicker and the leather used for the straps and flap vary. The other visible difference between the two lines is that you cannot fold the Planetes the same way you would a Le Pliage.

Black Planetes bag

Ebony Planetes bag with Crocodile-embossed leather
Although Longchamp has other lines, I believe these two are the most popular.
What to love about these bags: Lightweight, roomy, classic, not as expensive as other designer bags
What makes the bag imperfect: Pocket/compartments... It only has one so to compensate, I use several pouches for easier access to my stuff.

How about you, care to share your own growing Longchamp collection? Are you thinking about getting one (or more)? :)

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  1. I think that is call "Hawthorne" something like past season color


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