Thursday, November 4, 2010

Look what came in the mail: L'oreal White Perfect

S and I were invited to L'oreal's Black and White Event for the launch of their two newest products: the White Perfect Moisturizing Day Cream and Pure & Matte Charcoal Foam Cleanser for men. Since we had work that day, we didn't get to attend the event. Boo us. But good thing, Mikki from L'oreal sent us press kits instead! Yey! Thanks Mikki!

I know, it looks so jumbled and you might not notice it at first but the real star of this package comes in a white box:
A product sample of their White Perfect Moisturizing Cream!

...and it couldn't come at a most perfect time! I am actually about to buy a moisturizer but since L'oreal sent me this, I guess I'd saving eight hundred bucks this month! haha :P

I just don't like that it's in a tub co'z I hate double-dipping. I've always felt it was kind of unhygienic. Hoped it came in a squeeze tube or pump bottle instead. But nevertheless, I still feel so excited to try the product! I just hope I don't break out co'z that's often the case with me and mainstream brands.

(update after trying on the cream):
Well, so far so good! At first I got alarmed that I felt a little bit of itchiness on my cheeks but after a while it subsided which makes me think it was just my subconscious playing tricks on me. Lol!

Again, thank you L'oreal!

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