Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pizza done right

 It all started with a bad craving. I wanted truffles. On pizza. NOTHING LESS.

And that craving led me to a new restaurant in Greenbelt, Bilbao:

I won't prolong the agony, let me get to the good part first. Introducing the Spinach truffle pizza:

It has spinach, prosciutto, and truffles! OMG, I cannot tell you enough how perfect this is! The crust is super thin and crispy. The spinach was fresh and really tasty and the truffles were not over powering like with some dishes. So good!

Apart from pizza, I also got a four cheese risotto. It was good but kinda lacked that extra oomph for me. Or maybe it wasn't cheesy enough?
My godmother got the spinach linguine with shrimps. She liked that the pasta was freshly made. It gave that added chewiness and freshness to the linguine :)

 For my drink, I tried their blue velvet which is blueberry and cream cheese. I can't really taste the cream cheese part, but it wasn't so sweet which I liked.

Overall, I say Balboa did a good job with making the food authentic. I would have loved to go through the dessert menu too but I was so full already! I would go back there for the truffle pizza in a heart beat! Then churros for dessert. That sounds  like a good plan for me :)

Greenbelt 3 Branch
2nd Level, Greenbelt 3
Esperanza St. corner Makati Ave., Ayala Center, Makati

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