Saturday, December 27, 2014

A blushing Christmas

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. It's memorable for me but more so this year because our usual Christmas eve mass became an instant "artista" moment for me :P

Went to hear mass at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and suddenly got dragged as a reader at the mass. I've never refused any invitation to participate during mass and I figured it would be a blessing especially since it's Christmas. Well, to my surprise (and slight) horror, the mass was televised!

My knees were shaking then! I don't usually get so nervous speaking in front of people, but when it's in a 3-level theater filled with strangers, my knees start to wobble :| Thank God it didn't show in my voice :) Also, I'm really glad I wore something nice for the occasion. That wasn't what I was supposed to wear then, but by some bizarre twist of fate (isn't it always that way?) I ended up with this dainty number from Apartment 8 Clothing:

 I love its color and that it's conservative enough for mass but still trendy. I'm so glad I ended up wearing this dress. It's just perfect for what I ended up doing that night :)

Truly, the most amazing experiences happen at the most unexpected times. And when it's meant to be, it will be. I still can't believe that just happened. Good way to spend Christmas eve, indeed :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your families! Sending you all happy vibes this holiday season :)

Pink dress - Apartment 8 Clothing
Pink shoes - Payless
Clutch bag - Department store

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