Sunday, December 14, 2014

Festival Eye liners

I've been wanting to feature a cool find I got from Singapore since I got it last month but I was looking for the right opportunity. Well, the opportunity didn't come and I really want to post this so here goes. Say hello to my latest cool find: Sephora Festival Eye liners!

Was so excited when I saw these at Sephora Singapore. I didn't have any intention of buying anything then but I just had to get these.cause they were so cool!

I was supposed to go to Sonic Carnivale with my godsister and I intended to debut these babies then but we didn't get to go so instead for another music festival to come along, I just decided to feature these babies festival or no festival (in the comfort of my own home) :P

 I put on the black liner first then put a thin layer of blue eyeliner. It's very easy to apply because the brush is much like a thin paintbrush making application really easy. It glides on smooth too, just like paint. And since I want to pile on the fun, I decided to put a little bit of pink eyeliner too just because I can :P

I love how the color just pops. And because it's a liquid eyeliner, it can stay intact for hours which is great if you wanna go partying. I have to admit though, the black liner smudges a little. And in terms of how hard it is to remove, it is very hard! I am used to water based liners so I don't have eye make up remover so I find it hard to use these.

It's nice to have in your make up kit though for those times you want to amp up your make up without much effort. It's so easy to use and immediately gives you that "festival" look.

Hoping you're all having a great December so far! :)

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