Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tale as old as time

Tale as old as time, true as it can be
Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly

It's amazing how a simple phrase can take me back to a beautiful memory... "Tale as old as time" Wow. Just wow. Singing that one line evokes beautiful memories of my childhood and that beautiful scene from Beauty and the Beast. 

Well, for one night, I was taken back to that moment in my childhood-- when everything was simpler, where plates and spoons can sing and dance, where good always prevails and where there's a thing as happy ever after. 
Beauty and the Beast the Mustical at the Cultural Center of the Philippines
Honestly, the show wasn't what I expected. I imagined it to be more realistic, less "cartoon-y" but the musical wasn't staged like that. It was staged like something out of a children's book. The set, the costumes, the audio-visual effects were all extravagant and magical! It was exactly like the Disney movie!

I had a great time at the musical. I am a notorious musical sleeper, I sleep through musicals :| It's nothing to be proud of, but I am proud to say that I didn't sleep at all during Beauty and the Beast! I guess it was engaging enough for me to keep me awake all throughout the show :)

Thank you for the wonderful night! To the whole cast, congratulations! You guys did a good job in helping me relive my childhood. Little Ninin was squealing in delight the whole time that night :)

Lastly, let me do a brief #OOTD, because how can I not? :P

Went for this black jumpsuit because I feel lazy and black is always a good choice. Also, I wanted to hide the mosquito bites on my legs hence the long pants :)

 I only realized how it was a smart move after seeing my pictures. I now officially a fan of jumpsuits! It made me look taller and it looks so formal. For something so comfortable, it was so surprising to see how nice it looked :)

Again, to the entire Beauty and the Beast production, thank you for a beautiful night!

Black strapless jumpsuit - Freeway
Pink studded pointed heels - People R People
Studded clutch - Robinson's Department Store

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  1. That outfit is so glamorous. Love it!

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