Thursday, October 13, 2011

Under the tangerine sky

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Hi everyone! We shall be announcing the winner of the My Memories Suite giveaway this weekend!

The weather has gone haywire again. Just when I thought I'd be basking under the beautiful sun, dark clouds filled the sky and down came torrents of rain :( --but hey, that's no reason to frown! Life is beautiful and despite the gloomy weather, there are so many more reasons to smile!

Orange is my favorite color.  I think it's one of the more versatile colors. It could mean happiness like waking up to a bright sunny day; and it could even mean peace or serenity like that whimsical feeling you get when you watch the sun set; or it could also mean strength or toughness like how it's so neon and loud. I love Orange-- if I had to choose a color to describe me, this would be it.

I'm channeling the preppy school girl here in celebration (?) of my last week of classes before sembreak! It's supposed to be "hell week" but for some reason I feel less stressed now than weeks ago. Maybe it's just because my perception changed-- like I'm extremely looking forward to the sembreak, that I just want to breeze through all the daunting requirements; no pressure; no stress :P
Hope you all find reasons to smile these days. Always remember that life is beautiful! Throw away your worries and just live!-- one day a time :)

orange sweater - Knits collection
gray skirt - Soiree
gray shoes - Mario d' Boro


  1. Luv that orange top, but more than that, luv what you wrote! We do have a lot of reasons to smile. It's the transition season here in Indonesia too, sometimes is so cold, sometimes it's hot. So I'm layering, layering, everyday!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  2. Cute top! I agree, the gloomy weather shouldn't keep us from being happy :)


  3. i love the pop of orange color. i agree with ya, nothing like a bright color like orange to beat the gloomy weather. :-)


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