Monday, October 24, 2011

Hooked on Matahari

My family is a snack freak. We love snacking. We live on chips, nuts, biscuits, pastries and other "snack" foods. Well a few weeks ago, mom brought home some goodies from Matahari and I've been bingeing on them since then!
Australian Cornick, 60php/100grams
The cornick was what first got me hooked. It is unbelievably addicting! It's sweet, salty and a little spicy-- really an explosion of flavor! Just thinking about it makes me drool @_@

I googled all the branches of Matahari because I wanted so much to buy more of the cornick (I finished it in one sitting!) but the branches I saw were all too far :( I already accepted the fact that I had to wait 'til the weekend to get my hands on some cornick when a familiar sight came into view:

Matahari in Mall of Asia!!! Haha, I practically ran when I saw it!
I spot my Australian Cornick!
I was pleasantly surprised to see a kiosk in MOA. I didn't know they had stalls. Mom bought the cornick from Robinson's Ermita and the one there was an actual store. I was sooooo happy!

My colleague at work whom I shared my new-found Matahari addiction told me that she gets the spicy cassava chips. So by her recommendation, I bought some for myself too:
Mild Spicy Casssava Chips 75php/100 grams
Yummy! Snacking on cassava chips is so interesting! It's spicy and cheesy, you'll almost forget you're eating cassava but it has this unique after taste that will remind you that they're cassava not potato chips. Really tasty!

I am so happy with my Matahari finds. I plan to get the Vegetable Chips next time!--woot, can't wait!


  1. i like their other chips, not the cassava but orange too, forgot the name, you gotta try it though. really yummy, sweet and a little spicy :)

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  2. I'm glad you like Indonesian snack! Do come here, I'll treat you with lots and lots of cassava, hehehe...

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  3. hahaha! my family and i are big snackers too..:D that's why we enjoyed thailand so much because there's so much food to buy on the streets! the only time we sit down and have a meal is during dinner...:D

    ps. we love midnight snacks too..hihi.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. I know someone selling these for cheaper price.. only by bulk though.. this is soooo addicting!

  5. That's also my favorite. I know there's a wholesale of that "Australian Cornick" somewhere in Divisoria coz my mum bought me when she came from there. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember where exactly in divisoria she bought that. I remember buying Australian Cornick for just P50 then after a few months, P55 until it's now P60.

    They noticed that a lot of people are getting hooked up to it so they increased the price. I hope my mum remembers where in divisoria she bought that similar australian cornick.

  6. I see so many people enjoying Australian Cornick! High five people! :) Let's have a cornick eating session ;)


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