Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Other Women

...and because Soan and I are supporters of our local artists, we went and watched No Other Woman last Saturday while Quiel threatened to rain on our parade.

This post is meant to be an outfit post so to just briefly comment on the film, we say it's one of the better local love flicks we've seen the past few months :) --and oh, congratulations Anne! Didn't know you had it in you!

Ninin's outfit:
Woke up that morning feeling like a Ninja (or Nininja as I call myself). I wanted to wear something with an Asian twist to it while maintaining a tough feel. I remembered this kaftan I bought a few months back and thought it was the perfect top to wear for that "Nininja" vibe I was going for.
Kaftan: Ziya | Shorts: Bangkok | Gladiator sandals: Parisian
It's sheer and frilly and with the strong winds, I felt like I was the girl in the "house of flying daggers"-- and oh, because of Quiel, I soon felt that I was indeed wearing something thin and see through-- ang lamig! Lol!

Sophia's outfit:
The night before our meet up, I already had an outfit in mind. But when I woke up, the clothes I wanted to wear were all crumpled. So I tried a handful of different outfits and ended with this..
Lace top: Love Bayo | Shorts: H&M | Bag: Michael Kors | Studded Flats: Cole Vintage
Looking at our pictures, my outfit did end up looking dainty and edgy at the same time (exactly what I wanted.:) ) I just needed to be careful and not to ruin the lace by getting caught on my bag's hardware or worse, on another person's bag or jewelry! Haha.

A big shout out to our close friend, and self-professed TMF fan, Dia! :)

Cheers to cheesy films, tropical depressions and best friends! :)


  1. cute outfits Sophia and Nin! :)

  2. Fab lace top! I haven't been lucky to find my own lace top.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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