Saturday, October 8, 2011


There are days when Manila's weather allows for Western clothing to be worn out--and this is one of those days.
Decided to take my faux fur boots out for a spin. Bought this in Beijing when we found ourselves in the dead of December. I've always wanted to wear it again in Manila but somehow the weather didn't allow it until today. 
 I love that it's not raining, it's just cold and gloomy-- much like how it was in Beijing.
Sticking with the whole "China trip" walk down memory lane, I chose to wear my Beijing 2008 Olympic dog tag. Isn't it the cutest? It's so quirky and fun! 
I am so loving the weather! I know this is the closest we'd get to a "winter" but I'm okay with that! It's better than nothing at all :) 

Red and beige sleeveless top: Bado
Denim vest: Next Jeans
Denim shorts: True Love
Faux fur boots: Skeckers


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