Monday, January 28, 2008


Thank God for free tv! Now, we get to watch our favorite cable shows minus the fee! Yay!

I know it's long overdue and the news may be too late but for those of you who are not aware, ETC, ETC second avenue, and Crime/Suspense are now on free tv! They've already been bought by local tv stations SBN 21, RJTV 29 and RPN 9. So instead of the local channels you'll be seeing the cable channels instead. Isn't it the greatest ever?!

Well, I am really happy about it, especially now that I get to gossip about my favorite shows with my non-cable subscriber friends! So girls, let me share with you one of my favorite ex-Cable shows: PSYCH!

Psych is basically a crime-solving program. Its twist however is that its main man, Shawn Spencer pretends to be a psychic. I say pretend because he really is not! He just has an amazingly keen eye for detail which he got from being instructed by his police officer father. After Shawn calls in a tip on a crime to the police, he is actually accused of committing the crime. To try to clear his name, Shawn convinces the police that he is a psychic and he begins solving cases for them.

The show is great because it's funny too. You would find yourself laughing off your couch because of Shawn's antics and weird statements. But you would be amazed as well once he points out details overlooked by the police. He's one hellavu crazy guy but he's genius too!

His sidekick Gus is also fun to watch as he portrays the sane, ever-supportive friend of Shawn. He himself is very intelligent and helps out on the cases. The two guys are so fun to watch together because they act like kids sometimes that you would forget that they are actually brilliant.

James Roday plays Shawn Spencer really well. The first time I saw him, I said, "who the hell is James Roday?" I thought he was just some lame actor Hollywood found in a small theater. But no! I was so wrong! Turns out he has been in the business for a while already appearing in shows like Miss Match and The Dukes of Hazzard. Plus, he is not a bad actor! He is actually really brilliant! I haven't seen acting skills like his since Johnny Depp played Edward Scissorhands back in the day. I tell you, he is brilliant beyond words! It's like, you ask yourself how he manages to act like he does and still make it look natural on screen. It's either he's a really good actor or he might really be like that in real life. Whatever the reason is, it works! He is perfect.

Psych is really a promising show especially for mystery buffs. It's fun watching shows like these because they are so old school. No advanced gadgets, no autopsies, no fancy detective work. Just good old sleuthing a la Sherlock Holmes! :)

Psych is shown on C/S every thursday, 8pm

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