Thursday, January 10, 2008

Movie Review: Sydney White and the Seven Dorks

Hi-ho! Hi-ho! And Sydney White and her seven dorks has got me singing! Yes girls, Sydney White and the Seven Dorks is now showing in Philippine cinemas!

S and I got the chance to catch the first show on the very first day of showing. Talk about really excited!-- well, yeah we were! We've been waiting for it since the start of the year and we cannot wait a week longer!

What first appeared like another of those mediocre Disney-remakes, Sydney White took me by surprise by actually being pretty good.

In this movie, Amanda Bynes plays Sydney, a naive tomboyish girl off to college. Her story focuses on Sydney's desire to follow her late mother's footsteps by pledging in the same sorority as her. But after some time, she realizes that the sisterhood is not what it used to be. She then finds herself living amongst seven dorks in a dilapitated house at the end of the street. With the help of her socially challenged friends, she campaigns to take back the rights of the unpopulars and correct the social hierarchy in the campus.

Sound familiar? Well, yeah. The story is not original nor is it spectacular. I think what really got to me though is the dialogue and the acting. Amanda did a pretty good job playing a tomboy as it suited her to the letter. She was boyish but cleaned up pretty well in scenes where femininity is needed. She was definitely perfect for the role. The one thing that I found disturbing though was her fake tan. It was so obvious and it made her look like she hasn't taken a bath in a long while.

Sydney's prince was played by Matt Long who you might remember as the young Ghostrider. S and I was definitely blown away by his looks and acting skills! I was really impressed at him! I didn't know he had it in him to play Prince Charming roles. The movie poster did not help establish him as a hot prince. The first time we saw the poster, we were even asking why they picked him for the role as he did not have the "spunk" and charm we were looking for. Well, we were wrong! You have to watch him on screen to know what we mean :)

The seven dorks are the most adorable bunch of geeks ever! They are so cute with a capital C! They played the dwarves' roles very well that you would actually believe them to be Snow White's dwarves from the original film. They didn't look too bad either. I, for one think Jack Carpenter as Lenny is one very hot dork.

The movie itself reminds me of a lot of other chick flicks from the past. It's like a combination of the lessons from Legally Blonde, the makeover from Princess Diaries, the camaraderie from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, the comedy of There's something about Mary, the good old fashioned teen flick appeal of Lizzie McGuire and of course, the magic of Disney. :)

Overall, I say Sydney White and the Seven Dorks is a pretty good movie to start '08 with. It is very light and wholesome but still has enough spice and "awww moments" to keep you hooked on the screen!

PK rating: 7/10


  1. then i should have bought this movie (dvd copy) instead of heartbreak kid. !!!

  2. hey! I like this movie. :) And i love amanda bynes. :D


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