Monday, January 14, 2008

Smile, you're on camera!

Capturing moments has never been this easy! Gone are the days when taking pictures were only done on special occasions. When cameras were as huge as ice shavers and taking good photographs still relied on skill and expertise. Yes, gone are those days. Now, even a 4-year old can take decent pictures! (I've tried it and they can!) It's no wonder more and more people are turning into camwhores. I mean, we're handed everything! Webcams, Digital Cameras and of course, the greatest of all inventions-- the camphones.

Camphones are for me the coolest inventions ever because it makes life so much easier for cam-addicts (such as me and S!) But then here's the biggest concern of all: what would you do with your camphone if you don't know how to take good pictures with it? Yikes! Well, don't fret girlfriend! That's why we're here! Let me share with you a couple of tips to maximize your picture-taking sprees via your ultra cool phone :)

1. Get a good camphone
Of course, it all starts with the right equipment. It pays to invest in a gadget that's gonna stand time and defy trends. I'm not saying you should go get the most expensive nor the newest model out there, what I'm saying is you should look for a gadget you're sure to still want to use a year from now. Research is the key!

Well, of all the phones we've tried (we have tried all brands!), we believe that the best camphones to use (regardless of model) would be that from Samsung and Sony Ericsson. They both produce good pictures which is comparable to that of digicams. They're also great because they can stand the test of time unlike Nokia which spins out models like a spider spinning out web. You just have to be patient in learning how to use these brands but I tell you, it's gonna be worth it!

2. Get to know your camphone!
Tinker around with your baby and check out the settings of your phone. Explore the effects you can use, know how to turn on/off the flash function (if you have one), check the delay time, etc.

3. Make sure your camphone is set to the highest resolution.
When you check the settings of your phone, check whether you're using the highest resolution. The resolution is the size of your image. It appears like: 640 x 480, 1600 x 1200, etc. It is important to set it to the highest resolution because if your image is small, when you transfer it to the computer/print it, it would get pixelated (be blurry and have "dots"). This is because the image would be "stretched" making it less clear. The key is to take pictures in the highest resolutions then resizing it after the shot.

4. Clean the lens!
Most camera phone lens don't have covers so it's prone to getting dirt. Always remember to clean it before taking pictures. There are already lens cleaners in the market but then you don't really need it. Just a piece of cotton bud will do the trick :) And oh! Don't, don't ever wet it with anything!

5. Good lighting= good pictures
It's the cardinal rule to always look for good lighting. But if you can't find one, remember that your camphone is equipped with settings that would help you here. Turn on the night mode, change settings to "cloudy, fluorescent, etc." choose which setting works best for the shot and USE it.

6. Avoid using flash
If you can help it, don't use the flash function! Most camphones has not perfected this function yet and you'd end up with bad quality pictures with uneven lighting in the images (some areas are lighter than the others). Notice the difference between having the flash on and having it off, I'll bet you a penny, it'll be better without.

7. Avoid using zoom
Instead of zooming, just get closer! It will make all the difference!

8. Keep it still!
Yes, yes! A steady hand is key! Also, like I said before, note the delay time of your camera as most camphones don't save images as soon as you click the button. If you move too quickly, the image might get distorted so it's best to steady your hand until you have made sure that the image has been saved already.

9. Use effects!
Sometimes taking good pictures is also dependent on the camera effect. Some scenes are best taken in black in white, sepia or natural. You have to know when to use the effects because they can maximize the look and quality of your picture.

10. Edit your picture
After uploading it to your computers, don't be afraid of editing it. Adjusting the contrast and brightness of the images would make a huge difference in its quality! Crop parts to create a more balanced look. Play around with it to improve your picture.

Well, I hope you picked up something from the simple photo-taking pics I have listed above. So, there's nothing else to say now but Enjoy! And don't forget to flash that 1000-megawatt smile-- you never know who might be falling in love with your adorable little lips and sparkling pearly whites! *wink!


  1. So true. Edit brightness and contrast for better quality and NEVER EVER ZOOM! :)

    Thanks for tagging, btw. ;)

  2. hi! christine, sure no prob :) we're still starting out so we try to visit as much pages as we can

    Thank YOU for tagging back! hope to hear from you again :)


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