Sunday, January 27, 2008


Have you ever found yourself inside National bookstore just so you could pass time? Well I have. Not just once but a hundred million times before! It's just the smell and look of new stuff that excites me! Well, I'm not here to rave about National bookstore or any other office/supply store out there. I'm here because I want to share with you girls some little fun things I have discovered using stuff from supplies stores!

Fablon wraps. Okay, okay, it's not really called Fablon anymore. Fablon is actually a brand of vinyl sticky covers from the UK and unfortunately we don't have that in the country (yet!). Still, I can't make myself use a different term for it. Besides, calling it Fablon sounds so much sophisticated, don't you think?

Well, what am I talking about? Transparent Sticky back plastic covers! Since S and I got our Belle de Jour planners last year, we have been looking for that something to cover it with because its matte surface was starting to get a lot of scratch marks already. We tried looking for Fablon in local hardware stores (co'z it's vinyl) but to no avail. Well, well, well! Guess where we found some? Yes! correct! At National Bookstore! We laughed at ourselves when we found them because we have literally been looking for them everywhere. A roll costs about 52 pesos and is big enough for your books. It looks like a plastic cover but it's sticky like a sticker pad so you don't need to have any tapes.

There! Finally! I got my Belle de jour fablonized! yay! Don't you think it's so much cooler now? Well, even if it wasn't, I still love it because it screams ME in every way. =)

Dermatograph This I say is one of the very few amazing finds from a bookstore. I saw my close friend using this once as a highlighter and got really intrigued! It's called a dermatograph. It's basically used by medicine students to mark corpses (or was it bones? I'm not sure). It's really weird, I know! But I tell you, it's one of the greatest stuff ever! So like I said, I use this as a highlighter. It's fun because it's just like a crayon so your markings wouldn't be too bright. You also wouldn't need to sharpen it because it has this really cool feature that you simply have to peel it.

I can't describe how, just check it out for yourself. Last thing, dermatographs are fun because they're small and handy. You also won't risk any stains on your blouses or in your books as they won't write on any surface unless you deliberately put pressure on them (don't worry, they are a hundred percent easy to use!) And for the price of only 7 pesos per piece, this one is definitely a really great find!

^ that's my own dermatograph. If you'll use it for highlighting, I suggest getting yellow instead of the neon ones. The neons are fun too but I think the yellow makes the text pop out better :)

Rubber erasers. I know, I know! These are not really a great find since they are naturally found in bookstores but I just wanted to add them here because they have been really helpful to me since my high school days. If you think erasers are used for pencils only, well, you're wrong! You can use them for pens too! Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying they can erase pen writings, they can't. What they can do however is erase any smudge marks from your pen. See, I'm the kind of writer that whenever I use ball point/sign pens, my writings get smudged on the page making it look really messy. I used to hate it so much that's why I would hate writing with pens. But not anymore! Now, I'd have an eraser within reach to erase the smudge and trail marks from my pen. It works wonders, I tell you! My notebooks have never been so neat and clean! Ha!

There you go PK girls! Just some little something something to make your lives easier as a student.

So, doesn't bookstores sound so much cooler now? *wink!

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