Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Cinemalaya Gem

My godmother is the project manager for the closing ceremony of Cinemalaya 2012. Last night when I went to her office, I chanced upon a very young girl who turned out to be one of the performers at the closing. At first, she looked ordinary but when she told us her story we were moved and became instant fans.

Her name is Jerica Villanueva.

Jerica is a member of the children's group, God's Little Sparrows. Her story was first made public when Wish Ko Lang featured Jerica in their show after seeing how good she was. Her life story called out to them-- She's from a poor family but brimming with raw talent-- y'know, the stuff that hits every soft spot.

Jerica's video on youtube got the attention of Cinemalaya's President and so here she is... the chosen artist to sing Cinemalaya's official theme song, Balanghai.

I cannot wait to see Jerica's performance on Sunday! So excited for her-- this could well be her big break. You go girl!

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