Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tv junkie

I admit I am not much of a tv person and I honestly am too busy to stay home and watch tv. But on rare occasions (like today, since I'm sick), I like sitting in front of the telly and watching relaxing tv shows. Normally, it's National Geographic or Discovery for me but today, I found a new favorite channel:
Be Tv! I've been stuck watching tv shows all day and I can't get enough! I've been living under a rock and I hate myself for discovering these shows just now:
I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes so this one is a no brainer. I loved it! A LOT! It's so much better than the movie adaptations. My friend told me they're about to come out with Season 3 this year but no worries because Be Tv is showing re-runs! Season 2 will be aired July 23! Hooray!

 If you're a fan of the legend, you'll LOVE this show! What I particularly like is the fact that it doesn't feel so "historical" aka boring, this adaption is young and fresh which makes it incredibly enjoyable.

The day is not yet finished and I am so excited to watch more shows. To see more of their offerings, you can visit their website,

I sure hope your cable channels carry Be Tv so you could see all these shows I'm raving about! Have a good and carefree weekend everyone!

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