Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweets to take the blues away

A couple of days ago, a colleague and I attended a meeting in Makati. It was another of those "impromptu" meetings where you don't know a thing about the issue but just had to go because your office has to be represented. Well, like how it always is when you're unprepared, it is bound to end in disaster.

My colleague and I were grilled during the meeting. We couldn't give them the information they needed for the simple reason that we did not know the answer. We do not handle those issues so everything they were asking were foreign to us. It was a total disaster!

Since we were feeling down, we decided to drop by Karen's kitchen before going back to the office.

 I've been wanting to try her velvet cake because a lot of people attests to how it is the BEST red velvet cupcake they have ever eaten. I'm a red velvet fan and I am yet to identify my "ultimate red velvet" so I felt doubly excited to try Karen's.

Like I said, we were feeling a bit down after the meeting so we bought a couple of desserts and parked our broken hearts in UCC beside Karen's Kitchen for cups of Joe.
 Now, that's what you call a meal!

Top- clockwise: Red velvet cake (Php185.00), apple crisp (Php(45.00), Japanese lemon cheesecake (Php90.00)
We finished these in a flash and our favorite was, as expected, the red velvet. Let me now zoom in on the product:
The cake itself is moist and is not too sweet-- just how I like my red velvet. The cream cheese is nice and thick but honestly, I'd like it to be more tangy. Still, it's very good!

Thank you Karen's kitchen and UCC for the tasty food! It turned our frowns into smiles. Oh yes, that's the power of sweets and coffee ;)

Karen's Kitchen
Petron Dasma, Makati or Palm Village, Makati

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