Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Band in focus: Never the Strangers

Maybe it's because I am still hung up on To Write Love on Her Arms, but whatever the reason, I find myself getting more and more enamored by the appeal of Never the Strangers:

The first time I heard of the band was when they made their debut on Myx and the VJ then introduced them as being Rico Blanco's proteges. This fact, of course, piqued my interest. I mean, Rico is legendary! Any band he supports deserves attention.

Well, the attention they demanded was reciprocated by a positive response from the audience. Perhaps it's because of their youth. Or maybe it's their freshness and brimming potential. Whatever it is, the band just has IT.

I find myself singing their hit, Alive over and over:

They won’t take away our sanity 
Cause deep inside we know we’re 
Stronger than that 

Anthony, their vocalist, relayed that he wrote this song during a trying time. Reminds me of the inspiration behind a number of products from To Write Love on Her Arms. Indeed, it is those who have experienced heart ache that are able to write the most beautiful compositions. Thank you for this Anthony.

This is not their official music video but I like this video a lot because it's super creative and if you have knowledge of video editing, you would know that this technique is very difficult. So kudos to the one who did this video! I am loving the song more because of how you presented it :)

I am excited to see how the band will fare in the near future. I miss the days when OPM dominated the airwaves and people spent money going to concerts by local acts. But hope is not lost. I have trust on our local music scene. After all, Filipino artists have so much potential just waiting to be maximized.

So lesgow, Philippines! Time to shine.

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