Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vegetarian junk food

Vegetarian + junk food --err, doesn't sound too good together eh? Vegetarians are thought to be health conscious and all that but I beg to differ. It actually depends on the person's motivation in turning vegetarian. Take me, for example. I'm not health conscious. People assume that I am but I'm not. Like most people my age, I live on junk food and sweets and coffee and stuff that are said to be bad for your health. It just so happens that I don't eat meat. But apart from that, I am like any other 20-something girl who loves her junk.

Well, I have here a compilation of some of the not-so-healthy vegetarian junk food available in groceries:

Not my favorites but interesting just the same. Be wary though, they kind of taste alike.
This has a different feel. Kind of like a mix of Nova and Snacku pea snack.
Claims to be meat-free but I don't trust it. Ironically, I haven't tasted this yet. Though some claim that it does taste like Bacon
My favorite! I used to be so addicted to this because it does taste like chicharon and even the texture is right! This is still my favorite vegetarian junk food :P
There! I just realized this post is funny because it doesn't advocate healthy-living at all! My apologies. But you have to keep it real. And although I wish I feature healthy vegetarian snack food, I can't because that would be tantamount to lying.

I eat junk. I love junk. Forgive me Lord.

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