Friday, February 3, 2012

The Anti-ill kit

The hospital has been my home for more than a week now. First it was my mom then a few days after my godmother followed suit so I am now looking after two patients-- which is really, a handful, considering I'm not good at this "nursing" thing. Still, being the perpetual optimist that I am, I bought some stuff to make me "happy":

 Smart C for the win! :) You've heard me rave about Smart C before and again, here I am promoting it just because it really is an amazing product! I've been losing sleep since last week and is feeling various pain all over my body but thank God I haven't fallen ill yet. Thanks, perhaps to my incessant intake of Smart C, my immune system has not failed me.
 As I've mentioned before, it is also exam week in school for me. I've been living on coffee to help me study but I've shifted to Soy Milk after I "discovered" this at the grocery. Vitamilk energy is yummy and  gives you that added energy boost you need (but maybe not as powerful as coffee). saving grace! Sun Broadband :) The first few days in the hospital, I relied on my iPhone's hotspot feature so I can go online on my laptop but the hotspot feature keeps getting disconnected so I finally decided to buy a broadband stick instead. I am now enjoying unlimited internet access keeping me from getting too bored and allowing me to study, work, and blog among other things. Hehe :)

I am thankful to the above items for letting me keep my sanity during this trying time. As what I've constantly reminded myself, always choose happiness. If you can do something to change the course of things, do it. If not, change your attitude towards the situation instead :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Hope they will get better soon! And well, you can drink wine to make you 'happy' actually, hahaha! Just kidding! I swear by echinacea and vitamin C. The weather has been really weird and I also need all protection that I could have.

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

    1. thank you LeeAnne! Yes, we need to keep ourselves healthy!

  2. Super!) I like it!)


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