Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Fuerza Bruta Experience

Not fully knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we dared to see Fuerza Bruta one fine day. I read online that it's such a delight to the senses that pictures and words combined cannot effusively explain the show. I'm glad that we manned up and actually went to see the show.

The ticket purchased online (visit their site by clicking here)
When we arrived at the Manila Hotel tent, we were ushered to our own little corner and offered some Antonov-mixed cocktails.
The lounge area

A few minutes later, we were ushered into the show area. We were also told that we would be asked to  move around the area all throughout the show as the whole area is the stage.

The show started with this man.. I mean, there he was walking down the street, singing doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy doo... Haha I kid, I kid. Okay, seriously, the sequence below shows the first scene where the guy keeps on walking on a huge treadmill platform, then he walks into objects and people, runs, runs some more and eventually gets shot.

Then these girls start running and screaming and tumbling sideways..

Then this guy appears again. He's still into running (haha, sorry. obviously I'm not in a serious, 'analytical' mood today) but now he decides to run into a wall of boxes. COOL EFFECTS. And then he walks into these guys...
..who are so into dancing. By this time, I was so into what we were watching that I actually caught myself grooving with them! Wahaha. I loved how high their energy was! In the last 2 frames, you can see one of the guests getting hit with a styrofoam square. If you want, you can volunteer for this. Just go with it. Have fun. Dance with 'em. :)
Next up was the crowd favorite, the ethereal mermaids swimming overhead. This reminds me of one ANTM Cycle where the models were tasked to pose gracefully and beautifully through water. Tyra didn't want them looking like basang sisiw. She wanted beautiful water fairies. What was different though was after a few minutes of posing and crawling, the ladies started slamming their bodies onto the thick plastic and it sounded like it hurt BAD. Hehe. Then the girl on the lower left picture started walking around the plastic and formed really beautiful water effects with the splashes her feet made.
The thick plastic sheet was slowly lowered. The audience were allowed to touch the plastic (and yes, the ladies).

The last scene featured the same guy who opened the show but this time he started running with two 'friends'. They then climbed up the stairs and pondered on jumping. They did jump and swung to and fro (it looked so fun, I wanted to try it! hahaha) and eventually stopped swinging.
The last scene + Curtain call + DJ starting the party + The mess after the event

The entire show lasted for an hour. We actually got surprised that it ended so soon! It was that good and attention-grabbing. Haha. You could actually stay until 3 for the house party but we decided to leave afterwards.

Are you curious about Fuerza Bruta too? Hurry and visit their site, looks like the event will be ongoing only until end March. :)

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