Sunday, April 4, 2010

One phone, two lines

Nowadays, it's normal for people to have more than one cellphone because they are subscribers of more than one network. I, myself, have three sim cards! I know 3 units sound a bit too much but I can't seem to choose which line to dispose. So, as a solution, I am seriously considering getting a dual sim phone.

I've been trying to find a brand which offers dual sim phones. Only two brands offer the technology in our country. One is MyPhone while the other one is Samsung. I haven't indulged on the thought of getting a myphone because I don't want another "qwerty key" phone. In Samsung's website, I found more than one unit which offers the dual sim technology.

Here are the phone models that I'm considering:

1. Samsung C6112
What I find cute about this unit: It has a fake call function that lets the phone to automatically start ringing which comes in quite handy for people who are trying to avoid their stalkers. ;) I also like that it's in slider form!
What I don't like about this unit: The tacky logo on the top part of the screen (Duos)

2. Samsung D880
What I like about the unit: It looks more professional and it is also in slider form. The 3 megapixel camera isn't bad, either.
What I don't like about the unit: I don't know what's not to like about it (probably because there's not much info about the unit in their website)

3. Samsung B5722
What I like about the unit: You can easily switch between two sim cards without having to restart the unit! I'm not sure though if this doesn't apply to the other two phone models I've mentioned above. Camera's also 3 megapixels. 
What I don't like about the unit: It's a touchscreen phone! I've been traumatized by touchscreen phones (my Ericsson touchscreen phones all got busted less than a year from purchase). Also, it might be a bit too hard to text while driving.. Well, technically I don't do that and I can't. I do, however, text sometimes when I'm waiting for the stoplight to turn green.

So guys, what do you think should I get? B5722 is their latest model out of the 3 (and probably the most up-to-date technology?). I'm slightly partial to D880 because it's the "in-between" model out of the 3. But I can go for the C6112 if D880 isn't available. Help, please.


  1. I too have a bias against touch-screen phones! Used an O2 XDA II mini before and it was so difficult to text or even call while walking or driving! I mean I know it's not good to use your phone on the road but what if it's an emergency right? I say go for the in-between one. It looks really sleek, too! ;-)

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