Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Burger, home of the 'good' burger

"Welcome to Good Burger! Home of the Good Burger! Can I take yer or-derrrrr?"

I grew up watching All That in Nickelodeon and one of my fondest segments was the one with Kenan and Kel doing "Good Burger". It was so hilarious and their trademark greeting, "Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger, Can I take your order??", is just so unforgettable!

So when I heard about this place that sells Vegetarian burgers called "good burger", I texted S immediately so we can set a date ASAP!

I really thought it was a local adaption of 'All That's Good Burger', so I was so disappointed to find out that they don't say the famous three lines! Ugh! Seriously, they should!!! I want them to! It would be so cute!-- plus, I'd probably be calling them more just so I can hear them say it. (lol!)

So okay, enough about those lines... let's go to the stars, the true heroes of this post: the burgers!!!

I've heard about how good 'Good burger's' burgers are. Looking for good vegetarian burger patties is really tough co'z for some reason, the patties end up tasteless or worse, rock-hard. The burgers I've eaten have all failed miserably that I've almost given up hope of finding a vegetarian substitute to burger-- that is, before I took a bite (or more) of these:

Garlic Barbeque Burger

Cheesy Mushroom Burger

I won't lie, veggie burgers are very bland and for meat-eaters, a total disappointment. So you really shouldn't expect too much from veggie burgers because they're bound to fail in flavor and 'juiciness'. But these ones from Good Burger prove that there is a future for veggie burgers!

The patty isn't so disappointing at all! It was soft and 'juicy' that it resembled a real beef patty. The condiments also added to the juiciness of it and gave the usually bland veggie patty flavor a total spin and made it yum-my!

I really enjoyed the burgers a lot! I'm so used to the hard veggie patties I get that it was a nice change to bite into something soft and flavorful for the first time. lol!

I'm not sure if this the BEST veggie burger around because I feel there's still something missing, but Good Burger is definitely on my list of must-trys for vegetarians!

Try it for yourself today! (you can choose between veggie or chicken patty!) Good for those on a diet or health buffs too!


  1. Kenan & Kel ooh i miss that.. and that line about orange juice.. haha funny!

    oooohh yummy burger.

  2. Looks delish. I'm not a veggie person, but these burgers looks yummy!


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