Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

It has been months since I visited the Land of the Rising Sun but I still find myself dreaming about that trip. Looks like Japan has captured my heart and let me show you why (through pictures).

Even the different grounds were picture-worthy

A Japanese Calligrapher! Too bad I couldn't understand what he was writing..
Maison de Gigi waffles in Shinsaibashi <3  
So sorry for ruining this photo, I didn't get the memo. Tsk tsk.
But I think it's still worth posting. :)
At the Ooedo Onsen Monogatari Hot Springs

We went to Japan last May, right in time for their cherry blossoms! It's no wonder why so many people fall in love with Japan. The country is so picturesque and the people so pleasing. Our first stop was Osaka. We went to the usual tourist spots in Kyoto such as the Golden Pavillion Temple and Gion where the Geisha's live and work, then we went to Nara to see the deer in Nara Park and the temple. We also had to drop by Shinsaibashi Suji to check out the little shops. From Osaka, we took the bullet train to Tokyo. I appreciated that their trains are so comfortable and efficient!

Upon arriving Tokyo, we went straight to Ginza to eat, shop and tour some more. On our second day in Tokyo, we traveled southwest to Hakone to get a glimpse of the majestic Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately it was drizzling when we went there so Mt. Fuji was in hiding. The place's saving grace was the Hakone black eggs which we got in Hakone Owakudani. (Sorry, it's just that I love eggs!) When we got back to Tokyo, we also got to try a hotspring bath house. Of course we had to leave some time for shopping. The boys were super excited to visit the toy stores while the girls were excited for the clothes, make-up and gadgets! The shopping areas we managed to visit were Asakusa Nakamise shopping arcade (for the more traditional items), Harajuku, and Odaiba Diver City and Shibuya. A perfect ending to our trip was the Meiji Jingu shrine which is located in the center of Tokyo. It encapsulates the impeccable balance of city and nature.

Japan was ah-mazing! The people are so disciplined, the surroundings are so neat, and the food, exceptional! I would love to go back to this beautiful country but in the meantime, it looks like daydreaming and reminiscing would have to do. :)

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